Friday, November 29, 2013

10 years free!

Please excuse my brevity here, but I'm typing on my iPhone from bed. I'm too excited to sleep but won't risk waking everybody up by tiptoeing out to the desk for my computer. Hubby and I are heading to Vegas in the morning! Justin Timberlake in LV? Yes please! Yay!

We have so much to celebrate! Hubby's birthday, the Holidays, and my test results. I got my annual results back and I'm once again cancer free. That makes it ten years. I'm finally starting to believe it isn't coming back. It's a great reminder of how special life is and why we need to do all we can to give our mere mortal bodies every best chance at longevity.

After a big thanksgiving feast and planned debauchery in Vegas this weekend, I'm starting a 7 day body blast on Monday. Detox a bit and get back in the right mindset.

Celebrating 10 cancer free years with the family they said I'd never be able to have. Yay!


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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Triggers & Habits

Sorry for the silence. Things at work have been so hectic! The last thing I want to do when I wrap up for the day is to get back online. That said though, I thought that makes this an even more important time to open up and do my usual brand of over-sharing. After all, my sole purpose for writing this blog is to help you... on the off chance that any of this does in fact help you. I had a call today with a colleague. When I asked how she was, she replied "Busy, just like everyone else." Good point. Every one of us can say that... especially as we approach the Holidays. Busyness mixed with a just a pinch of seasonal depression... then sprinkle in a dose of Holiday comfort food and you have yourself a recipe for disaster.

So, let's talk about habits for a minute. We all have them. Good and bad. We've talked a lot about building good habits with exercise and routine. It's easy to talk about in the summertime when the days seem to go on forever. Not so much this time of year. At least not for me. These past couple of weeks, I've found it harder and harder to get my 40 minutes in. Even 30. My new habit is to do a 10 minute workout with the kids in front of the TV after dinner. I've been doing it almost every day. They think it's fun and like to join in. I don't even think about it anymore... it's just part of the day. Today, I added in another 10 in the middle of the day. If I can do 2 at least 6 days a week, I'll be thrilled.

That brings me to the idea of triggers. I'm a stress eater... so I have had to work really hard to identify and pinpoint my triggers. Boredom. Stress. Lack of sleep. Feeling like I failed in some way... like missing workouts. All of those are triggers for me that kick in old bad habits. I'm trying to use those same triggers to my benefit. Now that I've proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that barre3 is my very next coping mechanism for stress, I'm trying to use it as a determining factor for when to do my mid-day workout. That moment when I feel frazzled... so much to do I don't know where to start... I'm stopping for 10 minutes, pressing play, and coming back at it a little more centered.

I'm going to build new habits associated with my triggers. One day at a time.

Body wisdom is a journey... and we're on it together!

Is the stress of season getting to you? I'd love to hear your best practices!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Duplicity. (The sleeping giant)

It's wild to me how sure I was that sugar would never even be tempting again. I could look at myself right in the eyes and say with total confidence that I was in full control.

This week, I learned that is not in fact the case. There is this entirely duplicitous alter ego in my mind just waiting to come out of hiding. This inner self-saboteur lurking just below the surface... always optimistic that an opportunity will come around again. Like a sleeping giant, it awakens and takes over. It becomes so big that it blocks out the sun and I forget what it was like to feel the warm glow on my face. I somehow forget what I'm capable of... even though I was totally capable of it just days before. So strange. So cruel.

I guess it's addiction.

In my naiveté, I have often asked myself why an alcoholic can't just have a glass of wine now and then. Like why does it have to be all drama and extremes?

Never having dealt with an addiction of my own, I truly just couldn't relate. I am a huge believer in mind-over-matter and have found it hard to imagine encountering a substance that I couldn't walk away from if I put my mind to it.

Well, guess what y'all.

I. Was. Wrong.

So, last week I thought to myself, I just had an awesome barre3 class in studio followed by a green smoothie for lunch. I can totally have one piece of Halloween candy, right? I mean, what's the big deal?

In hind sight I realize it had been months since I'd eaten refined sugar. Now I can say with no doubt that it's a trigger for me. A gateway drug of sorts. The minute I have sugar, I henceforth crave sugar. It's a doozy of a craving too. All consuming. So, later that day I thought, well, one more won't hurt. The next day, I had a piece after breakfast... lunch... dinner. It escalated pretty quickly. This morning when I woke up feeling horrible and wanting sugar and coffee, I knew. I can't just casually occasionally have sugar. It's gonna have to be all drama and extremes.

It makes me feel horrible, throws my blood sugar off, gives me peaks and crashes, messes with my moods, messes with my sleep, messes with my skin... and leads to more sugar cravings... which leads to more carb cravings... which leads to caffeine cravings.

It's wild.

I'm SOOOOOO done.

So, back to the backup plan of the original 28-to-Great round. I've got a bit of dark chocolate and some barre3 "barres" on hand to get me through my sugar cravings over the next couple of days.

Is there a 12-step program for candy?

Seriously. No sugar.

It's funny, when I had my food intolerance testing done, I FAILED refined sugar all the way. Just as badly as I failed gluten. I'm not sure why I decided that the sugar thing was optional while adhering to the gluten rules knowing that my life quite literally depended on it.

Duplicity. It's a thing.

I'm over it.


Monday, November 4, 2013


Well, last week was a flop. I'm just being honest. Between pain week and Halloween candy, it was like trying to walk through the Fire Swamp without my Farm Boy. ROUSs at every turn. At first I was like, well I'm in pain but at least I can do my 10 minutes. Then I was like, oh just one piece of candy won't hurt.


One piece of candy totally hurt. I hadn't craved sugar in months because I hadn't been eating it. One piece of candy a couple of days in a row and all of a sudden I was crazy for sugar all over again. I hit that old familiar rut of feeling like I'd blown the day anyway so what's the point of working out... all the negativity came flooding in.

I went from the Fire Swamp to the Swamps of Sadness in an instant.

So, I went 4 days without a workout.

Today, I'm recommitting. Sadie's email today was perfect. I'm done with sugar and ramping up to finish strong with 6 workouts this week. I did the 40 minute online Wisdom workout this morning. An oldie but a goodie. The core work is awesome. I feel better than I have in days.

Like anything, it's all about perspective, right? Even swamps have their moments...